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Nominees Now Being Accepted for Racial Justice Award

The YWCA has had racial justice at the core of its work since the late 1880’s and to honor individuals who tirelessly have championed that cause, YWCA Carlisle offers the Racial Justice Award.  Recognize leaders in our community who make a difference in helping to eliminate racism and foster social justice!  Open to residents in Cumberland County. 

YWCA Carlisle Racial Justice Award Criteria

This award honors a community member with outstanding commitment to eliminating racism and fostering social justice by removing barriers to equal access resulting in social advancement for all people.  As a champion of racial justice, she/he seeks opportunities to attain common vision for peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all people.  YWCA Carlisle seeks nominations for any individual who is a resident of Cumberland County and meets the following criteria:

1.  The nominee models/exemplifies understanding, respect and appreciation among members of different races in a way that strengthens race relations, AND/OR
2.  The nominee has led or aided efforts to address racism within their community, place of work, institutions, schools, community agency, etc., AND/OR
3.  The nominee works with other agencies or organizations to eliminate racism within their community.

Submit your qualified entries meeting the above criteria to YWCA Carlisle, 301 G Street, Carlisle, PA 17013 by September 12, 2015!!!

Completed forms may also be emailed directly to rscaer@ywcacarlisle.org.2015_Racial_Justice_Award.pdf

2014 Racial Justice Award Winner - Michelle Shupp

Ms. Shupp was the inaugural winner of this important award.  She is a Latin Teacher at Mechanicsburg High School and works diligently to bring about awareness and change to the powerful and positive side of Diversity Issues.

In her own words…“I tell my students that standing for what they believe will be the greatest challenge of their lives.  I tell them that through all of their hardships and frustrations the Diversity Club will be there for them as a bolster so that they know that they have a family, a team.  I tell them that their work, determination, and love will change the world.  Through the Racial Justice Award, you showed them that people hear them, acknowledge them, and stand with them.  There is nothing greater than this:  to know that you are not alone.”

In Good Taste II Events Available to Purchase!

The bi-annual In Good Taste II fundraiser booklets are available.  If you are on the mailing list, you should have received one in the last two weeks.  In Good Taste II are events hosted by friends of YWCA Carlisle.  Consider treating yourself, giving a gift, or joining with friends for fine cuisine and gracious hospitality.  Anyone can purchase, but please refer to the guidelines in the booklet.  The committee did a great job putting together events that allow something for every taste, from bridge luncheons to dinner parties to golf outings and more! 

2015 In Good Taste II Booklet

Preschool Registration for 2015/16 school year.  Limited Space Available.  Enroll your child today!

Preschool enrollment for 2015/16 school year is open.  We have a 2 year old class, 3 year old class and Pre-K classes (for students who are eligible to enter Kindergarten in the Fall of 2016). 

Complete details on preschool program

Call 243-3818 for more information or to set up a time to visit our preschool.