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THE RACE IS ON!  4th Annual Race Against Racism will be April 25!

YWCA Carlisle’s 4th Annual Race Against Racism will be Sat, April 25 at 9:00 a.m. 

The race will start and end at 301 G Street. 
The cost is $25 if registered before the day of the race and $30 on race day. 
Register online by April 10 to receive a t-shirt. 
Parking is available on H Street or at the Carlisle Community Pool. 

New this year - register your team of 5 at a reduced rate! 

Register online today!                                       

Interested in training with a small group for this year’s 5K?  Check out a new training program offered by Cassie Doherty. 





How to Teach Racial Tolerance to Young Children

Be a good example for children. This is the most important step, the one that will speak louder than anything you might say to them.
Expose children to diverse races and cultures at an early age.
Teach your children the meaning of equality. Tell them at although we are all different colors, nationalities, etc., we are all human beings who deserve the same amount of respect and kindness.
Be open about the concept of prejudice. Pretending it does not exist is impractical. Prejudice holds less power when children have knowledge of it’s negativity.
Be a good listener. Children are naturally curious and will undoubtedly have questions about people who are different from them. Be ready with positive and realistic answers to give them better understanding of the world around them.